Ceramic granulation process(II)



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Forced mixer and stirring process of double recumbent shaft.

1) double shaft mixer: because of the ceramsite water imbibition is strong, the surface is rough gravel, block within the material and the Yin force is bigger, and due to its porosity, capillary pressure lead to slip resistance is big, plus ceramsite density is small, easy to rise in mixing, and not easily mix with cement, thus its mixing is much more difficult than ordinary concrete. Therefore, it is very bad to use the general mixer to stir the concrete, and must use a strong mixer. There are two vertical and horizontal type agitators, one horizontal and one horizontal axis. There are two kinds of common type and light aggregate. In the above kinds of strong mixer, the sb-3 series light aggregate special double horizontal shaft mixer is the most suitable. It can prevent ceramsite is buoyancy, and to overcome its resistance within the material, ceramsite block and material in the blender particularly well, and mixing speed is faster than general compulsory mixer 1 ~ 2 times, use the blender produced blocks, in the case of raw materials and the dosage of the same, the compressive strength of high 0.2 ~ 0.3 MPa.

2) the main points of ceramic mixing process.

A. Due to the technical characteristics of ceramsite, the mixing time of ceramic hollow block materials must be longer than that of ordinary blocks, generally at least 60 years. The extension of stirring time can make up the difficulty of mixing. Specific stirring time: no less than 4min for non-compulsory mixer, such as falling type; The strong mixer should not be less than 3min; The SB series forced double horizontal shaft mixer should not be less than 2min. The specific mixing time shall be determined according to the water ash ratio and the amount of ceramsite.


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