Ceramic granulation process(I)

IMG_0136The small hollow block of ceramic granules is mostly formed by pressing the block machine, and the few solid light foam blocks are moulded by pouring. The main equipment of the press vibration molding is the strong – type double – horizontal shaft concrete mixer and the pressure – forming machine. This paper mainly introduces the pressure vibration molding of ceramic sand production equipment.


1. Ceramic granulation process: the pressure vibration molding is a widely used molding process of small hollow block.

There are three main process units: material stirring, vibration forming and curing. No matter what kind of production line, its basic process composition is same, the livelihood of craft equipment can have big difference.

The compressive vibration is dominated by vibration, with the pressure as the auxiliary, and the pressure vibration is combined to obtain high density concrete. Its forming force comes from the forming exciter. The vibration mode of the exciter and the magnitude of the excitation force determine the strength of the block. Molding pressure is only a kind of auxiliary molding function, it is mainly to press the material to collapse the mould box under the excitation force, to improve the density of the surface of the block. Because the clay is easy to float, this kind of pressure and vibration mode can make it better shape.

The equipment of the press vibration-forming process mainly consists of the double horizontal shaft forced mixer and the molding machine, the automatic type of the other maintenance system. The forming machine is the core equipment, the mixer is the auxiliary equipment.
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Post time: Nov-19-2020
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