How Are Magnets Used In Pumps and Motors?

Magnetic material

Since its discovery by humans dating back to the turn of the 17th century, magnetic technology has drastically shaped the world. Understanding that the Earth itself is a magnetic force, scientists, physicians, and other brilliant minds have employed the controlled use of magnets to create countless consumer products, engineering systems, breakthrough medical technologies and even modern marvels that define human innovation.

Permanent magnets such as Neodymium play an integral role in electrical power steering, drive motors for hybrid and electric vehicles, instrumentation, audio technology, cordless tools and a host of items that people utilize on a daily basis. Whether you have recently picked up a shiny new electric vehicle or strummed a chord with an electric guitar pickup, magnets are, yet again, the unsung hero behind the scenes.

Propelling the Modern World with Comprehensive Magnetic Solutions

Our seemingly niche products bring forth countless widespread uses. From exact-fit machined parts to custom magnet production, Viona Magnetics is the trusted magnet supplier for automotive, industrial, medical, and alternative energy industries — and many more!

Below, we will cover some of the many uses of magnets commonly found in various pumps and motor systems. For additional reading, see our article about magnets in sensors.

When Motors Meet Electricity: Electric and Hybrid Systems

Hybrid engines are not anything new to the automotive world. However, their efficiency and ingenuity continue to improve as more hybrid units see the market. In recent years, fully electric vehicles (EVs) are beginning to dominate the roads in certain areas of the United States and numerous other countries, and more automobiles using hybrid or electric motor systems are anticipated to outpace traditional gasoline vehicles as the infrastructure for electric charging stations continues to develop.

To generate rotation for the motor, magnets use a powerful electrical current that passes through loops of insulated wire. This creates a magnetic field and allows the electrical energy from the current to turn into physical movement.

Many electric motors are found outside of vehicular applications. These are much smaller motors, but the basic principles behind their function remain similar.

Post time: May-17-2021
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