National development equipment is inseparable from it—NdFeB permanent magnet materials

  With the rise of emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, energy-saving home appliances, environmentally friendly air-conditioning, wind power generation, and industrial robots. The demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials, especially NdFeB permanent magnet materials, is growing rapidly. In the future, the main battlefield of global equipment competition is not equipment, but fierce competition in the field of new materials and control technology.

  Rare earth permanent magnet materials, as a new material with powerful performance and wide application, occupy an important position in the country’s development strategy.

  NdFeB permanent magnet materials belong to the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials, containing about 30% rare earth elements (neodymium is the main component, followed by terbium and dysprosium). It is known as the “magnet king” for its excellent magnetic properties. It is widely used in industry and electronic technology.

ARC MAGNET/arc-magnet/

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Post time: Aug-22-2020
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