Natural falling off and demagnetization of magnetic rail lamp ceiling lamp

Natural falling off and demagnetization of magnetic rail lamp ceiling lamp

Irregular magnet

With the development of the market, the application of magnets is becoming more and more extensive. For example, all kinds of lamps and lanterns commonly used by us are track lamps, bed bar lamps for college students’ dormitories, and the lamps of navigation product series are mostly magnetic sucker lamps, But in the process of using, we will also encounter the situation of lamps falling, which brings huge potential safety hazards to the products, and also brings serious safety and property losses to consumers. But in this process, we start from whether the design and generation have been verified with qualified products and raw materials inspection or other factors. Here we analyze the causes and factors of magnet separation.


A: The demagnetization factor of magnet (the service temperature of magnet is 80 ° n), but at present, due to the demagnetization temperature of the magnet produced by various manufacturers for price competition, the demagnetization has started at 60 ° which leads to the demagnetization of the magnet through shipping or the heat dissipation temperature of the lamp itself.


B: The magnet itself needs to be matched with ferromagnetic material to complete a reasonable magnetic circuit, so as to achieve the best magnetic effect.


C: The possible reasons for demagnetization in the process of magnet installation or lamp assembly are as follows: 1. Demagnetization caused by ultrasonic high frequency vibration; 2. High temperature demagnetization caused by injection of plastic; 3. High temperature demagnetization caused by hot melt adhesive fixation.


The above are the common reasons for demagnetization, see the product analysis.

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Post time: Apr-15-2021
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