NdFeB powerful permanent magnet is the biggest application of neodymium

NdFeB powerful permanent magnet is the biggest application of neodymium

The biggest application of neodymium is to make magnets with excellent properties. This kind of magnet is called neodymium iron boron magnet. It is the strongest permanent magnet found so far. Two magnets, smaller than chalk, can pass through human palms and hold each other. It’s difficult for ordinary women to separate the two small magnet bars that are directly sucked together. Because this kind of magnet is too strong, many players buy this kind of magnet to do all kinds of interesting experiments, such as crushing some common daily necessities with two magnets, tug of war with super magnets, etc!

 NdFeB magnet

Of course, such a strong magnet can not only be used for playing, it is widely used in reality. This kind of permanent magnet can be used in everything from microphones and earphones to high-speed rail ships. It can be said that the discovery and application of NdFeB permanent magnet has brought us exquisite and convenient modern life. Our computer needs a hard disk. If the hard disk wants to work normally, there must be a motor to drive the disk to rotate at high speed. It’s amazing that such a small motor can rotate 7200 revolutions per minute with a large disk. In order to obtain this ability, the general magnet is unable to do, must use NdFeB magnet. Such a high speed is not its limit. Many of you who are engaged in scientific research use centrifuges with too high rotation speed. Some centrifuges can rotate at 100000 rpm, which can be directly realized by motors made of NdFeB magnets.


The mobile phones we use all have vibration function. The motor that can vibrate inside the mobile phone must be very small, which requires the magnet to be very strong. Of course, it is the territory of NdFeB. The motor of the car wiper is also very small, but it has great strength. In addition, some high-end mobile phones are more and more powerful, and the sound quality is better and better, while the loudspeaker is very small. Needless to say, you can guess that it is also the effect of NdFeB magnet! In addition, some music stars’ custom-made microphones are very expensive. A microphone can be worth more than one hundred and twenty thousand yuan. But it’s not only because of its beautiful shell, but also because of its excellent radio effect. Of course, NdFeB magnets still play an important role.

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Post time: Jan-25-2021
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