NdFeb Rare Earth Magnet

QQ图片20191015160157NdFeb Rare Earth Magnet or also named as neodymium magnet is the most demanded rare-earth magnet available to use in Motors, Wind Turbines, Spindle Drives of Hard Disks etc. These are highly demanded and available in different specifications from Aanal Magnetic Industries.


Attributes Of NdFeb Rare Earth Magnets:

  • Rare Earth Magnet is known mainly for its high-strength
  • Used mainly in Drawer Magnets
  • Available in different sizes and other configurations
  • Can remove contaminants and impurities
  • Require very low upkeep and available in different specifications
  • Comes with the optimum finish and available in sturdy designs
  • Highly durable and dependable

NdFeb Rare Earth Magnet – Powerful And Pocket-Friendly Choice

NdFeb Rare Earth Magnet is very much useful in different applications and known for their great properties and pocket-friendly prices that benefit the end-users and give them value for their money. Their demand has increased over time and we become one of the trusted NdFeb Rare Earth Magnet Manufacturers to meet that.

We know every application has its own demand that can vary from one to another and thus, we bring custom-made solutions to meet that. Reach us to know more.

Post time: Nov-19-2020
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