Think about what magnets do

Think about what magnets do

 Magnetic material
I entered the industry 10 years ago because of these things, but now I still think about those things


I want to make a magnetic levitation with a magnet. It can levitate a thing in a place permanently without electricity


I want to use a magnet as a machine that can run permanently with the help of the earth’s magnetic field


I want to make a razor with a magnet to fit all kinds of blades


I want to make a mobile phone base with a magnet, and the magnet will not fall off anywhere


I want to make a ring out of a magnet. It’s done


I want to make buttons for children’s clothes with magnets, so that I don’t have to worry about making buttons for children every day. Technology is for human beings


I want to use a magnet to suck other people. Rolex is said to be unable to leave. I haven’t tried yet


I want to take a magnet to catch pickpockets (thieves). It’s said that thieves usually have tools for committing crimes, such as blades and clips, which are basically iron. I confiscate their tools without putting them in my pocket. I’m happy when I think about it.


Since the tire has been punctured, I want to hang a magnet under the car. I drive everywhere every day to suck screws. It is estimated that I can suck a lot of tons a year!


It’s fun to think about Magnets! Think about producing magnets every day can fulfill the dream for others, think about selling magnets can make money, it’s really happy and happy!

Post time: Apr-12-2021
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